Continental Jet Charter provides on-demand charter services to meet the exceeding needs of business travelers corporations and others who depend upon custom air services.

When it comes to executive aircraft charter Continental Jet Charter is dedicated to providing the ultimate value in aircraft quality safety reliability in dependability we invite you to call and discuss your next trip with Continental Jet Charter.

Why Charter?

Time. It's a very limited and very valuable resource.
Your time is important whether your travel is for business or pleasure. Along with faster, more convenient travel, charter eliminates time-consuming transfers, layovers, and overnights. It frees you from the hassles we now associate with flying on the airlines and provides you with an added level of security which is important in these challenging times.

Continental Jet Charter offers you the flexibility to fly into any of 5000 airports throughout North America according to Your schedule.

Our charter fares are per trip not per person and we don't mind last minute changes and itinerary.

We get you WHERE you need to go WHEN you need to get there.